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Steve, a twelve-year-old boy with alcoholic parents, was aboutEd hardy clothing to be lost forever, by the U.S. education system. Remarkably, he could read, yet, in spite of his reading skills, Steve was failing. He had been failing since first grade, as he was passed on from grade to grade. Steve was a big boy, looking more like a teenager than a twelve year old, yet, Steve went unnoticed… until Miss White.Miss White was a smiling, young, beautifulBrass fittings redhead, and Steve was in love! For the first time in his young life, he couldn’t take his eyes off his teacher; yet, still he failed. He never did his homework, and he was always in trouble with Miss White. His heart would break under her sharp words, and when he was punished for failing to turn in his homework, he felt just miserable! Still, he did not study.In the middle of the first semester of school, the entire seventh grade was tested for Converse all starbasic skills. Steve hurried through his tests, and continued to dream of other things, as the day wore on. His heart was not in school, but in the woods, where he often escaped alone, trying to shut out the sights, sounds and smells of his alcoholic home. No one checked on him to see if he was safe. No one knew he was gone, because no one was sober enoughNike Air Force one to care. Oddly, Steve never missed a day of school.Steve went home from school, thoughtful, that afternoon. Walking into the house, he took one look around. Both parents were passed out, in various stages of undress, and the stench was overpowering! He, quickly, gathered up his camping gear, a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread, a bottle of water, and this time…his sNike Dunk Lowchoolbooks. Grim faced The following Monday he arrived at school on time, and he waited for Miss White to enter the classroom. She walked in, all sparkle and smiles! God, she was beautiful! He yearned for her smile to turn on him. It did not.Miss White, immediately, gave a quiz on the weekend homework. Steve hurried through the test, and wasnike air max tn the first to hand in his paper. With a look of surprise, Miss White took his paper. Obviously puzzled, she began to look it over. Steve walked back to his desk, his heart pounding within his chest. As he sat down, he couldn’t resist another look at the lovely woman.Miss White’s face was in total shock! She glanced up at Steve, then down, then up.Suddenly, her facenike air max broke into a radiant smile. The smartest boy in the seventh grade had just passed his first test!From that moment nothing was the same for Steve. Life at home remained the same, but life still changed. He discovered that not only could he learn, but he was good at it!He discovered that he could understand and retain knowledge, and that he could translate the things headidas superstar learned into his own life. Steve began to excel! And he continued this course throughout his school life.After high-school Steve enlisted in the Navy, and he had a successful military career. During that time, he met the love of his life, he raised a family, and he graduated from college Magna Cum Laude. During his Naval career, he inspired many young people, who without him, might not wholesale wedding dresseshave believed in themselves. Steve began a second career after the Navy, and he continues to inspire others, as an adjunct professor in a nearby collegeToday, I’m going to read you a story to let you know what people think about prayers. Because some of you might think that your prayers are the best. Now, do you know how to pray to the Lord? Maybe you know better than I do. OK, let’s see if you know better than these people.
There was a village somewhere, at some time on our planet or maybe on another planet. In this village, there was a holy man. Every time the people had some problem, some difficulty or disaster, or something that didn’t go right in the village, they would come to this holy man and ask him to help wholesale wedding dressesthem, like to pray to God and meditate for them, and see what was wrong. Then the holy man would retreat into a very special forest, and he would sit in a very, very special place. And then he would say a very, very special prayer. And then it happened that God always listened to his prayers somehow. So the villagers always got the help they needed.But then one Wholesale wedding dressesday, as with everyone else, he died. So now the villagers didn’t know what to do. Because their troubles didn’t die. The holy man died, but the troubles were still alive. And new troubles were born every day. It’s funny how we die, but our troubles never die! So after the villagers thought for a long time, they decided that they would take their troubles to the holy man’s successor.The successor of this holy man was not that holy; people knew that. But there was no one else now who was better than he. So people came to him and laid their problems in Bicycle helmetsfront of him, and asked him to help. So this not-so-holy man also went to the forest. And then he sat there and said a very special prayer. He didn’t know what his master used to say, but now he said something special like, «Oh, my Lord! You know I am not a holy man.» Well, at least he was a very honest man. «But surely you are not going to hold that against my people, are you? So listen to me and come to my assistance.»And God thought, «That’s reasonable enough. Even though this man is not holy, the village people have nothing to do with his lack of holiness.» So God listened to this, and then helped the people all the same.So, people continued to come to this not-so-holy man, to have him pray to God and solve their problems. So far, so good. But you know what? It happened that this not-so-holy man alsoNike sneakers died. Ah, gosh! We have no end to the problems and no solution. The people also felt very confused now: What were they to do? So they tried to find another man, not even a holy one, and not even the successor of the other master, but someone more special, like maybe one who was sweeter than anyone else, or perhaps more diligent in his prayers.So they just picked one of the people from the congregation. And then they said, «Now it’s your job. You pray for us. We have such-and-such problems. You must try.» But it happened that this man didn’t know anything about the previous two people. So he didn’t even know where the forest was. Well, he knew of the forest, but he didn’t know where the special place was. And he didn’t even know any special prayers himself. So he didn’t know what to do. He just came near the forest and sat anywhere, not in a special place. Because before, the two persons used to go to that very special place. To them, it was very sacred. So therefore every time they prayed, their prayers were answered. And for the successor, it was also the same. At least he knew a very special prayer, and he knew of that very special place where his master used to sit in that very special forest.But now, this manMother of the Bride Dresses knew nothing about that. So what did he do? He just knelt or sat there, and said to the Lord, «Oh my Lord! If it’s the formula or the prayer that makes You listen, then I am helpless. But please don’t be attached to a special formula or prayer, and just listen to me. Our villagers have a lot of problems. Why don’t you help them?» And with that, he just stood up and went home to sleep. And God listened all the same, because no one else prayed to Hirm. That was the only man. So Hes said, «Okay. I’ll help.» So God helped the villagers all the same, just like before.