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If you are just starting out as a web designer, only have a handful of clients you are going to host for now (with the possibility of adding more later), or want to have complete control over your customers billing and support concerns, our Reseller Hosting Plan is perfect for you! The best part for most web designers who are running their own businesses is that your clients will never know you are php5 web hosting with Lunarpages in fact, you are welcome to brand the whole plan under your own company. Plus, since you take care of each customers bills and support inquiries, Lunarpages never contacts your customers directly. All you need to do is sign up for a Reseller Hosting account, add the domains for each client, and you are done. Each customer has their very own cPanel control panel, where they can control their domains, sub domains, emails, and manage every aspect of their accounts. Plus, you get an administrative area where you are the boss and control every customer under you. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about allotting each customer their own specific requirements, like storage or bandwidth, because every customer you set up is automatically set up with 1,000MB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth. For more resources, try our Webmaster Reseller Plan. With Magento Web Hosting you can also allot your own pricing to each customer, which means you can make big bucks, depending on the kinds of services you offer. We will charge you the same price no matter what, with volume discounts depending on how many customers are hosted with you, so if you are charging $20/month to your customers so you can manage their site as well, that is completely fine!


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