Musician Gao Xiaosong coach outlet police arrested

Musician Gao Xiaosong, police arrested suspected of drunk coach outlet driving blood alcohol level over the Beijing 2011 latest coach bags standards for drunk driving penalties

Musician Gao coach outlet bags Xiaosong, police arrested suspected of drunk driving blood coach wallets alcohol level over the Beijing 2011 latest standards for coach shoes drunk driving penalties Sohu Entertainment News today (May coach sunglasses 10), Legal Evening News broke the news that the micro-Bo cheap coach bags Gao Xiaosong last night of drink

car rear-end accident, coach outlet handbags killing four cars even hit, four injured, Gao Xiaosong sale coach bags by police on suspicion of drunken driving away.

Gao cheap coach handbags Xiaosong said his party «is not convenient to answer the coach coach outlet bags on sale phone,» and his assistant called «do not know.»

The cheap coach wallets scene when the police checked the documents Gao Xiaosong, coach sunglasses outlet Gao Xiaosong is presented a foreign passport.

Gao coach sunglasses on sale Xiaosong’s car after coach bags the accident almost intact, crashing coach outlet windshield with spider web marks resulting from, front coach bags cover slightly deformed, the basic things to clean up the coach outlet bags car.

The top of Cherokee «injury» not serious, in coach wallets the coach outlet bags middle of two taxis in front of the trunk and bumper coach shoes were severely hit by the deformation, gas leak in one place.

Reads coach sunglasses as follows last night 10:50, the famous musician Gao Xiaosong, cheap coach bags Dongcheng District, driving in the rear-end coach wallets the vehicle coach outlet handbags in front, causing four cars Lianzhuang, four people were sale coach bags slightly injured.

On suspicion of drunk driving, cheap coach handbags Gao Xiaosong has been taken away by police.

According coach bags on sale to eyewitnesses, coach shoes «He (Xiaosong) the car, walking straight cheap coach wallets fight Akira, estimated to be drunk.» Newspaper will continue coach sunglasses outlet to focus on the latest developments.

New drunk driving coach sunglasses on sale penalties February 25, 2011, the Nineteenth coach sunglasses Meeting of coach outlet the Eleventh National People’s Congress voted through the coach bags Criminal Law Amendment (eight), the relevant provisions coach outlet bags of the Criminal Code was amended to increase the first coach wallets time drunk driving

This serious cheap coach bags harm to the interests coach shoes of the behavior defined as criminal, and on May 1 into coach sunglasses effect.

[Editor’s note: police blood tests showed cheap coach bags the blood alcohol content gaoxiaosong 243.04mg100ml.

At coach outlet handbags coach outlet handbags the current blood alcohol drinking and drunkenness as 80mg100ml sale coach bags sub-session line basis, has reached three times the drunk cheap coach handbags driving standard.

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