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Side follow two stunning beauty, XuFeng start chasing after the footprint of the necromancers skeletons, although have left, but want to find they are not difficult, necromancy, frankly speaking is diablo magic upgrade, want to manipulate the necromancer creatures, the air will certainly have dark element fluctuations, for the same for the mage’s XuFeng to this as a clue, want to follow-up is easier than againThe snake race, is famous for its beauty, add this gens girl, the body has the extraordinary flexibility, and having the royal descent is small, so the girl again in human slave trade there has been no city, human noble price for their enthusiasts even more than the elvesHolding hands BingLiangLiang, ice XuFeng heart pity, reached out and gently pulls live a teenage slim waists: «girl, don’t be afraid, I will protect you, have me at, who will you rob»The thought of it, the small princess, your identity is can not exposed, I am for you to do so safeA series of freakish and dry»Master good amazing louis vuitton store SanTouLiuBei, those three hatred spiritHowever»A chorus of jiao oo-hoo, with infinite surprise, if not girl missish, a few female all want to meet up, a day of sight, such as moment seems like three years, besides distance last nomadic, has passed nearly a weekThe necromancer lifted the crystal ball, oneself bite open tongue, one mouthful blood spray on it, with blood for lead, immediately, grievances dasheng, mingled with the ghosts cry, he had all the blame spirit, refined roaring out in midair, formed a necromantic shield O los jas a loud shout, however not XuFeng surprise, this beautiful melon seedling pieces did not angry, but head deeply lop, sa aside shook his head, it seems that the princess sister seems to»Sa elder sister, HanYu brother very busy?»»Yes, just accompany us for a while, just itching to go»The past a, two female startled, those annoying skeleton not trouble trouble have thankfully, you why even bother procured?»Master, don’tPope your majesty, and the imperial emperor, in code with for human leader, theoretically, equal, so human although xenophobic, but of the house of god support, druids can fully enjoy the rights of citizens empire is nothing newBetween humans and the orcs, orlakers-spurs lingering, however in recent decades, but is relatively calm for a period of time, occasionally have small friction, but not really happen warWalked about half an hour, XuFeng for himself and two women are blessing so that the technique, the marching rise compare economical, also quickerShook his head, oneself in yy what, take advantages from the others vuitton is not XuFeng style, although he likes beauty, but exquisite and two feelings mutually yue, XuFeng visually, small princess louis vuitton handbags was very homesick, or to send her to go back!There’s still time, even send small princess back to the orcs kingdom, as long as this wench heart to have their shadows, one day, they can also aboveboard will she married Walked about half an hour, XuFeng for himself and two women are blessing so that the technique, the marching rise compare economical, also quicker»I this is absolutely necessaryWait, ramo uz, this name familiar!XuFeng frowned, feel oneself where should heard of, rightness, ramo uz, is not temple druid legion’s head?Besides amazing still surprised, this guy is incredibly big shot!The leader of the church three armed one, and the identity, surely, put aside the everyone is a church core * * * characters, and strength is breathtaking more, absolutely is in the mainland, the strongPoof —This is really badly louis vuitton after the one mouthful blood, necromancer flew, crashed into a mountain, gravel poop-poop flapping to fall offWell, the snake man’s small princess, look like a little want to make track for her, XuFeng found himself lewd of factor in fidgetyThrough the woods, waded into a stream, a little valley, is not big, but in seeking after, but suddenly enlightened, inside niaoyuhuaxiang, is really a peaceful land as xanadu, of course, the premise is not those pesky skeletonsThe small princess strength is not bad, but these skeletons long also too ugly, louis vuitton outlet girls are afraid this kind can move bones, jiao hindquarters were a little bit nervous shiver, one hand holding XuFeng arm, dizzy, first discovered, so slim and graceful hands also have that big strength»Both of you do what of, have legal certificate?»Na long wondered how to blackmail, while the table, a XuFeng lightly grasp the girl soft and fine slightly shake hands, o los jas although personality strong, but now also some fear, just she also saw the portrait, damned slave traders, also don’t let yourself?Didn’t expect the other party so big powers, could actually out city sentinel search, if their was louis vuitton found «»ButText DiLiuShiWu chapter necromancerUpdate time: this chapter 2010-7-15 15:57:18 words: 1930The moon has high up the sky, good a comfortable quiet night»XuFeng eldest brother»»Wait!»Na lung stop, turn around, face was covered with the respectful expression: «excuse me, do you have any command?»XuFeng PingShen, most despise this deceit kind afraid evil, sucking up to meet louis vuitton outlet in the SIMS, but at the moment, but have to resistance, as he asked the occasional» XuFeng hesitated, has just met three women, and they YanXiao mowgli, that’s because don’t know their identity, thought, just an ordinary girl, now since you know noble three sisters is HouFu daughter, again is a little words frivolous»Na lung payable critical eye, good a pair of handsome boys and pretty girls, indeed, wearing very luxuriant, but he doesn’t believe that the grandest mogul, will run the roadside snack should just outside of the wealthy businessmen louis vuitton just, running imperial businessTeenagers can not think so much, smile and say: «sit downBoom!The whole earth as if all fibrillation once, than by force or with flex in countless louis vuitton outlet hatred of spirit and groaning Poisonous!No wonder, the original this powerful druid colonel has seriously injuredThe saying, a blessing in disguise, last time because of naughty, and three women keep father quietly attended the hunting, originally thought after returning, will be severely punished, which know, but the father only is scold tussle oh!So easily get past, three female pleasantly surprised, but soon, they also ushered in the more amazing news — father prepare their marriage marriedMantis catching cicada, with it and seeing the light house key person, the mainland’s top the strong will, suddenly fell dead suburbia, a wind blade fly overCompared with nobility, the church’s carriage to be decorated simpler, but take up but very uncomfortable, the car is spacious, daylighting, breathable are designed to be very humane He is in like ramo uz introduce o los jas ah, ramo uz is what person, temple druid legion scouts, church famous asceticBeauty love hero, if can be married so starting pointXuFeng sighed, it has been done bad also again hesitate, just, the fittest exercise their endurance, he lay down, elf lean on into his arms, embrace girl softness PenXiangDe jiao hindquarters, one share happy mood oil however up The wind blade, merely initial order of magic, if in normal times, powerful necromancer which meeting in eyes, however, now he emerged circumstances alter cases badly wounded, and did not expect someone coveted on the side, a loud cries, the wind blade across the chestGlancing at three women, qiao face are faint glow, and glittering and translucent HanDi leaching the forehead, is today the weather was very hot, XuFeng confused raise my head, clearly very cool ah, the sun are clouds cover, he feels atmosphere strange, but in time, the but again not grasp three points: «miss to seek me, but los marvel uncle occupy?»»NoShould be countered me, or with his qualities, the necromancer though also rare louis vuitton purses stronger, but want to positive injury he is impossible»»Huh?»»Sleep!»Holding WenXiang nephrite, the young girl head on XuFeng bosom, two eyes closed, catching trap an idea, heavy back to sleep the bosom of god»»Were ordered, in whose orders?»»Is our city sentinel over»XuFeng for small princess came a piece of meat, to goft, did not see those cities sentinel eye, inspect the other side for air practice, no doubt, overbearing outrage, other patrons, for this young pinched a cold sweat, however each other but not attackThe strange voice in the quiet night louis vuitton seemed unusually clear, although still far away from, but in approaching»The small princess, how, staring at me?»A carriage, no stranger, the snake race’s small princess is irritable stare XuFeng, let the young some curious, seemingly himself not to offend her, but change an Angle «Three women are of the same age, the difference is only in just, among them with Daisy in long, with two sister compared to the wench of courage also want a few bigger, by her and XuFeng exchanged a few words, as for Linda and Fanny, think about the purpose of the trip, two female except playing with their own thy skirts, simply cannot speak much sayMarriage, originally to aristocratic girl, it’s a terrible word, in order to family glory, for the interests of the family, sacrifice their happiness, will they marry a strange, never seen, let alone a loving person, this kind of marriage, no emotional foundation, married happiness odds is slimThe strange voice in the quiet night seemed unusually clear, although still far away from, but in approachingAt this time, it’s already tiny light, it is the last time before dawn, valley pervaded the thick fog, but these, are blocked XuFeng eyes, with the aid of the hawk eye art, he could see clearly all everything30 one morning, say no fatigue is deceitful, XuFeng meimei’s washed a bath and then shut the door sleepHowever, at the moment, but not too much time love dearly, because have already rushed up than a giant, claws, such as mount tai honest as photographed a necromancerA series of freakish and dry»Master good amazing As the worms attach bone same!Dire bear a roars, ramo uz although injured, but can easily and moans is beaten down, tremendous strength, abruptly shock scattered each other evil magic, flapping up again, his PAWS, put out like hook as nails, sparking sen cold light» Linda also took courage, happiness, need to have been nervous not to talk, how could let flirts falls in love with himself: «XuFeng brother, you call our name is ok, fartSo-called ascetic, is the most devout, all his, all of the dedicated to light god, they won’t get married, even not be interested to the woman, o los louis vuitton outlet jas again beautiful, in his eyes, which is white skeleton, which meeting ask each other’s history, there will be no more LouXianEr this resultContact is based, so the feelings of the three sisters to XuFeng mansion visit here»»Next XuFeng, is called empire the vicomte, ramo uz adult, you also ok!»XuFeng will he raised up against a big tree in the foreground, sit down, ramo uz sniffing, face became ugly up» Fanny also on the sidelines repeatedly nod

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