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Women on their own a little better

Prevalence of a language network, a woman should own a little better, a little better. Every day I contacted the network, the network does not know what’s hot, is sad? Or what. First time I heard these words, or listen to brother said. Yes, women should be nice to yourself, to be with.

Yesterday during the day to go shopping, in the street to see the retirement of our unit director. He is 78 years old, the body especially in good health, also looks like more than 60 years of age, like to wear white clothes, clean and tidy, little white-haired head, air Jordan and was always combed smooth over the year before his wife passed away due to illness .

Few days ago I also heard people say flat, Lao Fan to find a nanny to his son, in fact, is the subconscious to tell his son, get him a wife. Today came across him, and also follow a woman around, I guess that he is with it. The woman looked 50 years old, bulky body, the wearing of a bright-colored clothes, mast mast, and sub in the 165 or so, her face filled with happy smile, the old man is a look of spring breeze was blowing.

Not only reminds me of the death of his wife, wept tears of a snot a look, jordan 2 shoesit appeared before my eyes. He said they have not quarreled with him in my entire life, his wife and he has not said a word out loud, difficult times, to children in moderation, until her children marry and have children; grandson, grandson to find a job outside of jordan 3 shoesmarriage she their own pension money given them to use. It just had the kids settled out and started enjoying, and she was not in, her whole life passes the poor, did not enjoy the blessing.

Every time I go past his house, she will warm hospitality, not too many words, her clothes are common, have never put a shelf official wife. His home was his wife’s order was particularly clean, clear red and white house, red floor, white furniture, white curtains. All room furnishings show home hostess is a neat person.

Although many years have passed some things, but when you go tojordan 4 shoes memory, the mind will in vain students moved from a strange, and some stories may cause you to feel heavy. Suddenly reminds me of the nature of life, we must seriously deal with life, especially in a woman in our life time, in our physical health, must be on their good points, even the best point.

Some kind of, I think of a good woman, and her life, and Ijordan 8 shoes said in front of a woman’s life much the same, is a Qinjianchijia women. She was a pharmaceutical pharmacists, colleagues say, she was dying to wear the line of pants, patches, patch attached. Dalian is a son of the manager of the company, the daughter of private enterprises in Beijing, a translator, also retired, busy life, the time to enjoy life, life is also busy therare jordan shoes end. Pharmacists also find a husband to his wife, live happily every day, but also help support a pair of his daughter after his wife, life was very happy. I was listening to heart do not know what it’s like, in retrospect heart or sour feelings.

I suddenly their lives as a sad woman, why not own a little better, even if a little is good then. Ask the world what love is? Whining and pay the expense new jordans shoesof a woman so! Mother to child, like an old ox quietly, eat grass, out of the milk, the world’s greatest love is maternal love, the world’s most true Love is affection.

I sincerely hope that women the world a little better on their own, hoping for a safe sun shine like the sun around every corner of the woman, the mother is jordan shoes wholesaleralways with a responsibility to protect children, love and dream life. Female compatriots, from now, I start from, some of their own lives a little better, a little better.