Fortress of Fantasm/幻想の要塞

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Fight your way through the randomly generated Fortress of Fantasm. Gather 5 keys and defeat the boss at the end, while beating down as many monsters as you can. The dungeon layout will always be random, but the exit to the next level is always on the far right. 任意に発生させた幻想の要塞を通してあなたの方法を戦いなさい。 できると同様に多くのモンスターの下で打っている間5つのキーを集め、端に主任を敗北させなさい。地下牢のレイアウトは任意常にであるが、次のレベルへの出口は右端に常にある。

Controls: Arrows/WASD = move; left, left or right, right to dash; Z/J = Attack; press repeatedly, press with forward button or while dashing for different variations; hold down while mana is available to Manastrike; Spacebar = Start game; pick up items; hold down to pass through doors; 1/2 = Switch character; 1 for spellblade, 2 for amazon; Shift/P = Pause; check map; press Space on pause screen to use a potion, if available;

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