Fear not of polio vaccines, fear about children and their future

Fear not of polio vaccines, fear about children and their future

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Your child could be the next victim if the disease would not be eradicated.Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India are 4 countries where polio is still regarded as a serious health problem. In Nigeria, the number of victims skyrocketed to 400% from last year. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, it is hoped that polio gets completely controlled come 2012. Meanwhile, polio eradication efforts in India are ongoing.Until there is somebody afflicted with the virus, the threat will always be there. The virus may already be lurking and waiting for its next target. Potential sufferers are usually those under the age of 5.Unless public perception on vaccinations would not change, more and more lives will be put to risk. There is no cure yet to polio. Hence, prevention is imperative. And this can only be done if a child gets vaccinated multiple times.Polio debilitates young ones and their dreams. Open-mindedness is what people need now, for children and their future to be protected.

Term papers writing to prove the importance of vaccines need not be presented for one to believe that polio can be extremely crippling to the society, and hence, should be dealt with persistently.

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