English words count: 987But LiXiTe not asleep, he never waste such a good look at the chance of net novel.»A.I, artificial intelligence is machine!!!!! In fact, the first A.I and not like so perfect, even if is the original from Jupiter lane return to resources of those machines and now than it is like adults and baby gap.»The platform with the teacher XiaoYingYing already lit the blackboard patience with a holographic platform, but fall a sleep.

«We put the A.I also not smart, or A.I don’t have independent» man, «case and the code of conduct is given to obey mankind instructions, the era of ‘A.I baby times called’, although these ‘baby’ in physical new jacket strength, intelligence, reaction speed etc seems to have much more than us humans, but… uh……»

The platform that wearing leisure suits, head of the foreign teachers gold-rimmed with eyes stopped lectures, sitting in the back of the classroom low head of dry SiHuo LiXiTe also at this time what aware.The teacher suddenly went quickly to the LiXiTe desks, he gentleman from under the desk of technique took out a piece of palm-sized pocket ebook.»Oh! Look,! What’s this?» Foreign teachers LiXiTe grabbed the ebook, then turned around, with a smile of light around to students exhibition, «network novel» universal dishwasher fled to record «!!!!! LiXiTe classmate, this is which time?»All kinds of skin around the students laughed.Sitting in the LiXiTe sit at the same table DuWeiZhe also malevolent, seems to forget to laugh in twenty minutes before he was promised to LiXiTe-if the teacher came up and remind him to—things.LiXiTe not like his this sit at the same table, reason is the fat guy don’t play basketball, don’t play football, not playing planktonic board and bad boy elastic ball and so on all need to play muscle function’s plaything.But LiXiTe or choose and DuWeiZhe become sit at the same table, the whole class hope is ultimately this arrangement, in most people’s eyes the two pure Chinese lineage of the students obviously should be «reasonable» the classification.Facing the sight of foreign teachers, LiXiTe and not to stand up, but seemingly agreeable rubbed sleepy eyes, said: «this is the sixth time, Mr Kerry’s, every time I see key storyline you always come out confiscate my ebook.»Say, LiXiTe also slightly to wave around to the students, to say «hello» to look like, like a star as natural, treat fans got around the classmate is again a burst out laughing.»You……» Always sven teacher stare big eyes, «LiXiTe! Would you please respect school teacher! Your parents grew up as such training you? Didn’t you daddy told you, teacher, is the age of the few must by humans to the sacred as career?»LiXiTe wan ku don’t turn of smile away immediately, «sir, criticism can I, please don’t literally advise my family members, good?»The last of the «good?» two characters, LiXiTe deliberately increased tone, the teacher not to see him under the two in the crafting of the tight fist.

«Oh! coats women I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I forgot to……» Foreign teachers to narrow her eyes seem sven ground to say: «I forgot your Chinese is the most focus on family people, your children to 18 years old can’t leave home, to the old is the mother of the baby, and this led to you very bad of autonomy, the children too spineless, too dependent on an adult, global integration of war is sensible, defeat of your quality is I have a deep research, but ha ha!»

Foreign teachers and say thanks to reap, on either side to the class of global integration introduces him to a distortion of the war, lead students to view a then a burst of laughter, several over the sleeping people are all laugh woke up.»Pa!»Listen to a foreign teacher, a palm LiXiTe tourette’s take on the desk, two eyes bad to ruthlessly stare foreign teachers, the holographic images weak flash disappears after a few.»Four eyes yellow hair! You forever!!!!!»»Ah! Gets angry.» The foreign teacher is still a gentle light smile face, «angry be angry, how can you property damage? This table is worth five hundred citizens money? You Chinese are very extravagance and waste……»»I will damage the public property! I also damage people! Let you to make racial discrimination!»Say, LiXiTe toward his fists foreign teachers eyes hit.In the fist eye pupil put, the greater the foreign teachers to her face.Just in the DuWeiZhe see this side snickered at unmanageable situation, from the seat immediately before pounce on pulled LiXiTe.»Let me go!!!!!!!!!! You a fat freddy adu death! You still not Chinese! Let me beat that yellow hair France!» LiXiTe struggled with weight of the advantages of the occupied DuWeiZhe to pull the door of the classroom.»Don’t excite! Small plum, want the university entrance exam! So you will be fired!» DuWeiZhe stowe hard ye, the LiXiTe pull out of the classroom, «teacher! I accompany LiXiTe go out for a walk!»»I day your family!» LiXiTe in the doorway on his arms stretched scold a way.Foreign teachers to rocky straightened tie, ask a student, «he said ‘ri’ is what mean?»»……»

Be fat man sit at the same table out of the classroom, LiXiTe turned sneaked a classroom in the corner of a female student, to tell you the truth he care about this girl is to oneself just cheap jackets did view.

Perhaps this age paragraph the boy really like a disturbed the class to attract the attention of the girl.Since the drop-in stands on the platform with her piano like voice to introduce myself, LiXiTe first because the platform voice over and forgot about the ebook is the key to the development of the plot, after his ebook without consciousness to drop on the ground, attracted the eyes of the class, and he himself does not know the fact.At that time, his mouth open not far from looking at in the stay pure white sleeveless jeans and graceful figure.

This moment, deep in the heart of more than ten years something suddenly germination.