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«Both snow, you give me the city clear, who diabolical!» Flowers to quiet a pushed away, such as the thick, namely, son of behavior also only in the city before sunset snow do!!!!! Seal of the wind sighed, holding the dream away, stopped by took stay (stunned) in place, namely, the son.Sunset city such as snow god back, take to you have in sight, support in her hands, like a piece of dark clouds around cover on her, and sinister! Can escape? She almost forgot to take to you can see in the mirror of what happened!

«Hey, what are you thinking?» Flowers to quiet but on closer, he couldn’t discount parkas see her in the mind to think things, a good sense of alienation, «sunset city snow, you · · · · · · like printing the wind? Like the shadow of can’t hide? Listen to the men and women of love is not what we need and will only give him any trouble just, is stupid behavior!»

Take you to say what, even in his own all not know, a «heavy punching in the face, pain, steady is she gave him a punch! What, he speak wrong? See her tears flashing appearance, isn’t she like seal of the wind?»Like a wrong? Why is foolish behaviour? You this kind of person, know what is love?» She cry, he roared review what the mind of the people trampled smash, his mind just trouble? She like is him! He seems to be frighten, leng three seconds, get up and go out, leaving a words, «is it!!!!! I know, but I look like his son of the enemy will not necessarily what good! Stupid thing!»She spent in the eyes of the deep and remote to that just stupid things, her mind will only give the flowers to you bring distress, the thought of the tears will be open as faucet, «hua hua» on the flow. But, there is still no way don’t look at him, can’t take that a hidden in the bottom of the heart of the heart of only!!!!!- — — — — — — cent secant——

«Hey, why didn’t you go to! Not a good chance?» Flowers to you suddenly asked, «I changed idea, you, and from this day women jackets move past and seal of the wind live together!» She will be how to answer? Readily promised? Refused?

What, indeed as expected when she is the thing!!!!! Don’t can be a boot. His words of her painful, but according to the provisions of the first, she have no right to say «no». «Good, as long as you help me talk shadows.» She also only swallow the tone have said so, but and seal of the wind, live may become much easier!

«Good, good. I could finally put you the cheap coats trouble to tread out! Both city snow · · · · · ·» as long as you said no, I’ll be able to change his mind.

«What?» He also want to say what!»Nothing, later you mustn’t and artful hui sleep together!» This, you will say «no» to!

«Know!» Both the looks on the faces of the wind light cloud light, as if it’s no big deal, «I go now to move things!» She immediately turned, tears to stay because the, want to let him see his useless way, she will forget him, won’t give him any trouble!