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Дождитесь загрузки игры (10-20 секунд)
и нажмите внизу красную кнопку PLAY GAME:


ColourTris is a game where you have to match colours that combine in order to score points. The colour combinations are based in the colour wheel and you can play the game with additive colours (lights) or subtractive colours (paints, dyes). ColourTris is a fun way to learn colour theory and what colours combine with each others.

To start playing first choose if you want to play with «lights» or «paints», then what type of colours harmony you are looking for and finally click the play button. Try matching lines of colours, the longer the better. Remember that the colour match starts around the the last block placed and not how thing look after it is placed. Keyboard Controls: Left Arrow: Move block left Right Arrow: Move block right Down Arrow: Move block down F1: Help/Pause The game has the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan.

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