a group of students for the first time into the home of Fu Zhu Xun.

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Ong set in the front door couplets,

melt under the love package Zhu Xun Fu home

from 2007, followed the fate completely devastated by Zhu Xun Fu family, the village Xuanwei tiger town guests Yan Tong family of four, first wives Ong was diagnosed with lung cancer given, then the family pillar, Zhu Xun Fu and left cervical lymph node was diagnosed suffering from cancer, in May 2009, on the third day they were checking out her chest Zhuli Dan fluid … … now the home less than 10-year-old son, Zurn Air still Many people died because of cancer, villagers said:

no decent furniture

January 28, Sherwin is not of the winter snows, cold, damp evening, a group of students for the first time into the home of Fu Zhu Xun.

less than 60 square meters of brick houses separated by a half wall, half empty, only pig in the corner stood a grass machine, a wooden table stood some old clothes. The other half is the living room and living room, no decoration, but also did not see an appliance, look around, a group of old-fashioned wood-made sofa, a simple coffee table, four small five bench, then there is a cabinet . All the furniture on the year, dilapidated, cabinet surface peeling off a large piece of Polaroid sheet, exposing the corrosion of wood, the lower right corner close to a big cabinet,

very quiet at home, was taped to the top cabinet in the middle of that old wall clock hour and minute hands.

Zhu Xun Fu-old lying on the sofa, come home, and have barely budged.

conversation with the hostess Ong set, the topic always the family misfortune, she had been choked. Hear the sobbing of his wife, Zhu Xun Fu’s head turn toward the inside of the sofa over, he will be to look to his wife, eyes a bit angry, a few mouth, hum a few times, because of the inability to tell one too complete words. His efforts eyes wide open and tears in the round and round, his eyes are glistening in the dim room a bit harsh, but people could not bear to look straight.


a family of four three himself stricker with illness

43-year-old Fort Worth, Zhu Xun Wang friends the same age as his wife set a child and a woman, 17-year-old daughter Zhuli Dan, a small Zurn Air son less than 10 years. Zhu Xun Fu has been in frail health, the power company before in Xuanwei for nearly 10 years of temporary workers, set up the main line of work to do, work hard, but the daily income of 40 yuan up or down; wife Ong set housework and child care home . Busy, Zhu Xun Fu on the home, the couple’s home with 3 acres of farming land, each down, removed the family living expenses and the costs of children to school even after a slight surplus, life is pretty stable.

2007 Earlier this year, the quiet life at home was broken. Village committee organize the villagers to medical, Ong was diagnosed with lung cancer given, a left lung surgery, chemotherapy twice, before and after treatment for eight months, excluding rural cooperative medical care and other subsidies, twenty thousand yuan for medical expenses or exhausted Over the years the family savings.

2008 in the winter, set the Friends of King’s body gradually improved, the family was about to take a breather, Zhu Xun Fu, but in a wiring job out of the accident, head injury, hospitalization. Seeing the hurt is better, and go to the hospital review, but check out the left cervical lymph node cancer. In 2009, Zhu Xun Fu hospitalized three times, twice to do surgery, so that the worse the already impoverished families. The end of 2009, Zhu Xun Fu’s condition deteriorated rapidly, the lower lobe of left lung cancer metastasis to the … … the family completely lost income, since then, the family’s living expenses, children school fees, medical treatment expenses can only be relied on to friends and relatives They help.

Unfortunately, fate did not end, in May 2009, on the third day of his daughter Zhuli Dan has been checked out pleural effusion, because the treatment also missed the exam, had to transfer to technical school. In April last year to leave school during the internship period, Zhu Lidan shift due to exacerbations of systemic lupus erythematosus, repeated illness and high medical expenses for Zhuli Dan had discharged home. Now, Zhu Lidan condition continued to deteriorate, the basic bed at home, sitting no more than a day 1 hour.

this year, Zhu Xun Fu is also home to medication treatment, the cancer had moved to the body, severe disease leading to decreased vision, consciousness disorder, life can not take care of themselves.


uncle has Zhu Xun Fu

repairing good Fu-home visits, and set out the return of the king of Friends met in the doorway, chatting in the know, Zhu Xun Fu uncle two months ago for his nephew on repairing the nephew of Ong set tour door, is to talk to shilipu pull

in accordance with local customs, pull their own carts to the brothers back askew,

because when the world is the rain, the entire road is wet, full of grinding wheels, cinder mixture was mixed with water to form a black slurry. All the way silent, foot deep shallow kick to their forward, the only run over the road carts Iron wheels issued from time to time the sound and the sound of cars roaring past.

though there are prepared, but people see the

from four hours on the road, in front of the sky, briefly a ray of light leakage, and carts away toward the sky is the fast pressure to the head of the gloomy.


folks donors

support this unfortunate family

Ong given that they applied for subsistence allowances, but the village people sick more, guaranteeing that places are limited, have not been able to apply to.

Each time out of the house, are haunting my brain Ong given the phrase … …

the New Year, fixed the streets Wang friends, spent 2 dollars buy a cheapest couplets, New Year’s Eve afternoon, she and her small son, Zurn Air together, the couplets posted on the door on their own. The sun shines on through the narrow openings to help his mother paste couplets of Zurn Air face, light hair with the kind of excitement and happy face, people in a trance. Overall Ying Su

correspondent Tao Jin

Fang Kong Minshe video reports

love single

the past few years, Zhu Xun Fu a cost of living major medical expenses and contributions by villagers supporting. Ong set out a list, above a fellow a clear record of their kind contributions: Wang Huaiguo 2,000 yuan, Wang Huaiyao 500, Zhu good 500, 500 yuan Zhu Wei, Chen Zhi-$ 400, female Caie 1000 yuan … … Rabbit Spring Festival, the local police station sent Steller village of 1,000 yuan, Li Yan Tong red coal mine sent 5,000 yuan … tiger village police station also contacted the town’s civil affairs department, sent to his home four bags of rice , 4 quilts … … February 1, Wang Huaichun home in the village, a dozen villagers and held a spontaneous donor activities, as of Year 4 Zhu Xun Fu sent home in the village contribute a total of 2270 yuan … … Louis Vuitton USA and Louis Vuitton Women Handbags and Louis Vuitton Wallets Louis Vuitton USA Cheap louis Vuitton Bags